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One plant formerly known as 3 Boys Farm is a licensed Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC) in Florida. Currently has a dispensary in Boyton Beach with St. Pete and Jacksonville coming soon. Provides delivery throughout the entire state. Know for their flower and great prices. To purchase OnePlant cannabis products you will need to have received your Medical Card from a local certified doctor or physician’s clinic in Florida


The medical marijuana grown at 3 Boys Farm is supposed to be Florida’s first all-organically grown medical cannabis crop from an all-Floridian operated grow. 3 Boys organic growing operation has been awarded the Governor’s Environmental Leadership Award and is the first nutrient-film technique hydroponic operation in the United States to be USDA-certified organic. Until their THC & CBD products make it to market, 3 Boys is best known for two other things: their delicious locally-grown and world-class produce as well as 3 Boys Farms innovative, award-winning sustainability program.

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