About Us

Who We Are

BudDocs is a medical practice with experienced medical marijuana doctors dedicated solely to helping patients suffering from debilitating and chronic conditions get their Medical Cannabis card.

As a Medical Marijuana doctor Lake Mary, our mission is to provide the best education and be as transparent as possible during the process. Our vision is that Medical Cannabis should be affordable and available for anyone suffering from chronic conditions.

Our medical marijuana doctors are known for making this process easy and painless for the patients. Not only we fully educated them but, also our patient’s coordinators will help them during the entire process including the state’s card application process.

Dr. Chanlatte

Dr. Chanlatte is Board Certified by the American Board of Emergency Physicians, fully bilingual in English and Spanish and has been practicing medicine in the area of Central Florida since finishing his residency. He is a father, a son and a husband who has an enormous compassion for the patients he treats. 

Dr. Chanlatte has studied the Cannabis plant and is well aware of the wide range of conditions that can be treated with it, the doses needed and the ratios of its Cannabinoids. After more than 3,000  patients treated, has learned the education and compassion are the most important things and is considered Central Floridas Best MMJ doctors.