Complete our online free screening evaluation to see if you qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in the state of Florida. If you do, we will send you an email with our new patient paperwork for you to complete online.

Face to face evaluation including a physical exam, review of medical history, benefits and risk of medical cannabis. Patients must present a valid Florida ID, medical records supporting their condition along with the  visit fee. Usually last 30 min. and can be done at one of our offices/events or in the comfort of the patients home. 

How to apply for a medical cannabis card in Florida

During your initial appointment we will help you complete your Medical Cannabis card application and, after the states reviews your card application you will get a temporary card the same day via e-mail that allows you to purchase medicine. Visit a dispensary from our list and get medicated. 

Conditions that might qualify you!

The following conditions are not part of the Florida’s Amendement 2 but could qualify you if they are debilitating in nature. If you are not sure if you qualify, complete our free screening evaluation

Quick and Easy

Patients can be seen usually the same week and we help them through the entire process including their card Medical Marijuana card application.

No Hidden Fees

We are as transparent as possible, all our fees are posted so patients always know how much they owe.


Secure and HIPAA compliant forms, trained staff, along with a home visit. It does not get more confidential than that.

Don't qualify? Don't pay.

If, for whatever reason, our BudDocs determine you don't qualify, you will not pay a dime.

210-day recommendation

Three 70-day electronic orders and no unnecessary follow ups. Each order usually with low THC and High THC options.

Smokable Cannabis

Our BudDocs really understand how Medical Cannabis works. If patients meet the requirements we will add Smokable to their order FREE of charge.