5 Benefits of Using Cannabis Flower

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The cannabis flower is the MVP of the cannabis industry at the moment. While there are plenty of ways for you to consume or use cannabis, nothing beats the effects of a cannabis flower. But even when consuming a flower, you have multiple ways to choose from. For instance, you can choose to grind the flower and add it to your cannabis cigarette, aka, your joint. Or you can choose to roll the same ground flower into a blunt. You can break apart the flower, and add it to the bowl to smoke it with your pipe or add ground flower to the bowl while using a bong.  

Apart from smoking these varieties, you can choose between edibles, drinks, sublinguals, topicals and the like. While all these ways of consumption have been adopted by multiple cannabis users, smoking cannabis flower reigns supreme.  

In this article, let’s discuss 5 benefits of using cannabis flower.  

5 Benefits of Using Cannabis Flower 

While there are no limitations to the benefits you can achieve by consuming cannabis flowers, let’s focus on 5 of those reasons here.  

Immediate and Short Lived Effect 

One of the most crucial benefits of smoking a cannabis flower is how immediate the effects are. The cannabinoids that are part of the cannabis flower get absorbed into your bloodstream via the lungs. However, this also means that the cannabinoids that do not pass through the lungs into the blood gets exhaled out of the system. As a basic rule of thumb, smoking cannabis flowers is viewed as the best way to consume cannabis, especially when immediate results are required. This can be in the case when immediate relief is needed or when a beginner is consuming cannabis for the first time. As a newbie, consuming edibles on the first go can lead to a bad trip. This is because when cannabis gets metabolized by the digestive system, the THC in cannabis turns to 11-OH-THC. This cannabinoid is much stronger and has 4 to 5 times stronger psychotropic effects. Smoking has low bioavailability and the effects tend to wear off sooner than any other mode of consumption.  

Helps With Mental Disorders 

Cannabis is known to have relief inducing and relaxing effects, especially for patients suffering from mental disorders. However, even amongst the multiple cannabis products that are available, using a cannabis flower works best in your favor. This is because the limited bioavailability of smoking weed keeps you safe from overdosing or experiencing an unpleasant high. This prevents patients of anxiety or PTSD from experiencing hallucinations or being paranoid after consumption. At the same time, it helps calm them down and aid their sleep.  

Here are some of the benefits cannabis has on signs of mental disorders: 

  1. Eases Symptoms of Depression 
  1. Shows Promising Results in Treating Autism 
  1. Helps in Easing ADHD Symptoms 
  1. Eases Symptoms of Anxiety 
  1. Provides Aid to Eating Disorder Recovery Progress 
  1. May Regulate Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 
  1. It May Soothe Panic Attacks  
  1. Eases Symptoms of PTSD 

Has Medicinal Properties 

The major reason that we witness so many activists fight for their right to marijuana is because of the medical promises the herb provides. While most of these aren’t completely backed by research, every body of science and research has accepted that marijuana has some great therapeutic and medicinal properties. This fact is what led to the legalization of medical cannabis across multiple states of the U.S. and is also responsible for the set list of state approved medical conditions that patients can get a medical marijuana card for. Patients can apply for an Online Medical Card in certain states like California, Nevada, New York etc., while states like Florida require you to visit your MMJ clinics in person. Once you’ve received your MMJ card post consultation, you can easily access high quality and potent cannabis products from dispensaries.  

Here are some of the medicinal benefits of cannabis: 

  • Helps Regulate Diabetes 
  • Helps Fight Cancer 
  • Helps in the Treatment of Arthritis 
  • Helps in Effectively Treating Nausea 
  • Helps Improve Skin Conditions 
  • Helps Reduce Side Effects of Chemotherapy 
  • Helps Lower Blood Pressure  

Aids Opioid Addiction Recovery 

A patient or a consumer of any psychedelic or opioid can get addicted to it. The possibility is so high, that on an average, there are 21 million Americans that have at least one addiction.  

Just calculating the total cases involving the misuse of opioids, the number lies somewhere at 9.7 million in just 2019 while the overuse of heroin that year lies at 745,000.  

Opioids mostly involve pain relievers that are prescribed by physicians in regulation, but when a patient gets too dependent on these drugs, limiting consumption becomes difficult. And that’s exactly what leads us into addictive behavior. This is one of the reasons that cannabis is often used as an alternative to  

opioid based medications. The herb helps in relieving pain without making the consumer too habitual. However, it will be false to state that cannabis has no habit forming effects.  

Instead, to keep the effects of cannabis in control, smoking or vaping the herb is recommended. As previously discussed, this mode of consumption is the quickest, which is something you need when trying to find relief from pain. At the same time, the limited bioavailability of the herb (due to the method of consumption) makes sure that the effects run out pretty quickly without any long term effects. This momentary comfort limits the addictive behavior that is usually attached to other psychoactives.  

Cheaper Form of Medication 

Medical cannabis programs run by states make sure that patients are able to afford healthcare at affordable prices. In most cases, all the chronic and terminal illnesses require extremely expensive medical programs, something that most patients are unable to afford. In such a situation, the providence of medical doses of cannabis can help the majority of the population lay hands on quality healthcare. Even when we compare these medical doses with recreational cannabis (which is legal in some states), you are liable to pay multiple taxes on adult use cannabis while the same isn’t true for medical doses.  

Cannabis plays a crucial role in the healthcare sector today. Even though there are multiple ways of consuming cannabis, smoking or vaping cannabis flowers is still the most common way of doing it.  


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