Exemption Form

The state recently did a new rule milligram cap.

On August 29th 2022, the state of Florida introduced a new rule that put caps on every route available for patients.

Smokable Flower has been capped at 2.5oz every 35 days with a rolling limit

All the other routes(inhalation, edibles, sublingual, oral, topical and suppositories are under a 70 day rolling limit with a max total aggregate of 24,500. This amount can be divided among the different routes but cannot go over 24,500.

This has left a small percentage of patients short on their meds and scrambling to figure out what to do. With this new ruling they also gave a form to ask for an exemption of that rule. Now patients can request an increase with their physician to get more milligrams added to their routes or their flower increased up to 4oz.

Do to the added work required on our side we have decided to charge $25 that will be refunded if the patient doesn’t get the exemption form approved by the state.

Step 1: Submit Form