Ways to Smoke Marijuana in Florida

Have access to the smokable Marijuana type, by signing a new informed consent that talks about the risk of smoking it. No hidden fees!
Ways to Smoke Marijuana in Florida

The Florida Medical Marijuana program started in 2017 and despite being a success, patients were not able to purchase Cannabis with the purpose of smoking it until Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill recently allowing it.

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“Over 70 percent of Florida voters approved medical marijuana in 2016,” DeSantis tweeted Monday, referring to a constitutional amendment that passed at the time. “I thank my colleagues in the Legislature for working with me to ensure the will of the voters is upheld.”

To have access to the smokable type, patients have to sign a new informed consent that talks about the risk of smoking it and have their MMJ doctor add smokable to their registry. Law states that patients can buy up to 2.5 oz every 35 days. Even though at BudDocs we support patients decision we strongly advised not to smoke the medicine. There are so many options out there that it doesn’t make sense to use your medicine in a way that might hurt your lungs. The combustion of Cannabis leads to a black tar that is carcinogenic so try to avoid burning it. We do understand that it might be more cost-effective, powerful, and give the patient a full effect so we keep it open as an option.

When it comes to flower, patients have many options of using it. They can use:

  1. Joint/Blunts: Joints are rolled in paper made from hemp, cellulose, rice or bamboo and blunts are rolled in cigar paper made from the tobacco plant. Blunt consumers prefer the flavor and combined effects of the nicotine and cannabis; however, the medical risks linked to nicotine deter most of the health-conscious cannabis consumers. 
How to buy Pre rolls in Florida.

2) Hand Pipes: One of the most common methods used due to it’s convenience and simplicity. There are many types, sizes, forms and materials used. In general there is a reservoir for the flower and a fire is applied to it burning it while patients inhales from a different end of the device. 

Hand pipes is the most common method of smoking medical marijuana in Florida.

3) Water Pipes: Commonly used as well but requires a different set up that includes a water reservoir. They come in different sizes and can be very complex including electronic ones. This helps filter the smoke from large particles and reduces the temperature of the smoke making it less harmful. 

Water pipes help reduce the temperature of the smoke making it less harmful.

4) Home made one time use devices: Over time people have come up with several different ingenious ways to smoke week. From apples, potatoes, cans, pens and even aluminum foil. Health risk associated with this method might be higher but are very dependent on the material used.

Smoking weed using a green apple.

Here’s a list of approved dispensaries in Florida that carry Flower for smokable purposes. BudFinder


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