Indica vs. Sativa


Understanding the different strains used in Medical Cannabis is really important in the patients treatment. Sativa and indica are different species of cannabis with distinct properties and experiences Sativa strains are usually uplifting and energizing while Indica strains are more relaxing and sedating. This results in distinctly different effects and experiences so its really important when choosing your medicine. Make sure to medicate with products from a strain that will result in the effects you are looking for.


Sativas strains are known for their uplifting mental effects. The invigorating, cerebral effects of the sativas make these strains ideal for social gatherings and creative pursuits like music, art and writing.

The plant tends to be tall and gangly, with skinnier leaves. Originating in the warm and sunny climates of Southeast Asia, Central America, and Mexico, these plants are sun-worshippers. They regularly grow between 8 and 12 feet tall, but in optimal conditions outdoors, 18-foot monsters are not unheard of.

Sativa is the Red Bull of marijuana, with an energetic, stimulating, and uplifting effect. It makes sativa strains the best choice for battling depression and fatigue or day time pain relief. Be careful not to use a sativa dominant strain at night because it’s likely to keep your mind racing.


Indicas are known for more of a body high. Some people use the mnemonic, “in da couch,” referring to the well-known body high of strong indica strains that make a person want to sink into their couch. Indicas are good for relaxing with a movie or music in the evening as a way to relax after a long day’s work or as a relaxing interlude before bed. 

Trees tend to be short, squat, and bushy. The leaves are plump and the foliage is dense. Indica plants are also excellent producers of hash because the have been bred that way, as hashish is the preferred method of cannabis consumption in much of the area from which they sprang.


Over time growers have produced a lot of new strains, known as hybrids, by cross breeding indica and sativa species together. They are usually described as indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, or pure hybrid (50/50). You can expect an indica dominant strain to have the typical indica effects and vice versa, but each may also have some qualities of the other.


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