How to get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida


Lesson 1. How to get your medical marijuana card. 

Cannabis is an amazing plant. It’s been used for a millennia for medical and ritualistic purposes as far out as the Middle East and China. 

In 1937. The marijuana act made the plant illegal Nationwide despite objections from the medical community, fast-forward to 1996 and California becomes the trendsetter in the legalization of cannabis for medical use.

In November of 2016 79 years. After the one of the most versatile plants in the world was outlawed in the US. The Sunshine State jumps on the scientifically literate bandwagon and specific. Doctors can recommend cannabis for your ailment. 

So how do you get your recommendation? I’m so glad you asked. You have to be at least, 21 years of age, be a permanent or seasonal, Florida resident, with a valid, driver’s license, or state ID and have a qualifying condition and the records to prove it. You can even download and complete the records release form right on 

During your initial evaluation we’ll help you complete your application to the state and after 10 to 14 business days you’ll get your temporary card that will allow you to get you your medicine. 

Unsure about whether or not you qualify, has a free screening evaluation tool that will let you know if you qualify.

To keep your prescription up to date, you have to be seen your BudDoc at least twice a year. After you are a card carrying member of the medical marijuana community just pick a dispensary and get medicated.

Now you may be asking yourself, How do I start? Go to for your appointment to get your medical card and make sure to follow buddocs on Instagram for the latest. I’m Zouain and this was dr. Chanlattes medical minute brought to you by


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