Edibles are finally here in Florida

On Wednesday August 26 of 2020 the Florida DOH and the Office of Medical Marihuana(OMMU) finally published the rules allowing for the recommendation and sell of medical cannabis as an edible.

While must of you have been waiting for this for 3 years, there are several restrictions and edibles while not be the same as in other states that have medical cannabis. Eventually should and and include more options.

  • Products must be in specific shapes
  • Cannot have primary or bright colors
  • Cannot be mistaken for a currently commercially available branded product
  • Must not be more than 10mg per individual piece and must be packaged appropriately

Most of these measures are put in place to avoid children taking them.

For the complete rules click here.

Patients need to have the new route added to their recommendation in order for the dispensaries to sell them.

If you are one of our patients, we can add the EDIBLE ROUTE free of charge. Just complete the following form to have it added and please allow 24-48 business hours to have it added.

If you are not one of our patients, you’ll need to contact your doctor to have it added. Most likely they will not charge you for that but some already have a fee in place if you request it.

Dispensaries still need to have the edibles approved by the DOH and this process might take 3-4 weeks. In the mean time, some dispensaries like Trulieve and Curaleaf are already selling a sublingual form very similar to what will be coming out in the near future.

With Edibles, always remember that they take longer to kick in so wait 1hr to 1.5hrs before taking another dose and START LOW and GO SLOW to avoid any negative side effects.

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