Telemedicine may be ending soon

MMJ was approved in Florida in 2017 and since then more than 567,000 patients have been added to the OMMU registry and are using Cannabis on a regular basis.

As you all know, in 2020 we had the Covid-19 pandemic, which was really hard for everyone. Some people were affected directly and lost their lives to the virus and some lost their jobs leading to tremendous anxiety and depression.

On 3/9/2020 an executive order was issued giving MMJ the status of essential, meaning you could not go to church or buy alcohol, but you could still see your MMJ doctor and buy medicine at the dispensary 🤩. It also allowed the use of telemedicine for established patients, which at that point was not legal in the state of Florida like in other states.

Advantages of Telemedicine:

  • Save money on gas
  • Safety from distancing 
  • Quick and Easy
  • Not having to drive 
  • Nothing was lost using it

Disadvantages of Telemedicine:

  • None

On 4/27/2021 an extension of that order was given for another 60 days and it will probably be the last one. With Covid-19 cases dropping significantly more and more patients being vaccinated, and the need to move forward to a more similar life like we had before, it is likely the state will not extend it, making it illegal again. After June 26, we have no idea what will happen.

For those of you who live close to one of our offices, it’s not a big deal, but for those who live far away, this might be an issue. But don’t worry, we will do our best to accommodate to our patient’s, even if it means doing events in Tampa and Melbourne every month. If it ends, we will send you an update on how to proceed. 

We all know it should stay because of the stated reasons above, so please call you state representative and tell them how important this is for you, along with all the good things about having telemedicine and that there are really no negatives about it. Hopefully, they’ll listen and either extend it or just take it as a positive change brought by the pandemic and needed by you, the patients, more than anyone else and just keep it permanently. 

Florida Representatives

Rep. Will Robinson – 850.717.5071
Rep. Juan Fernandez-Barquin – 850.717.5119
Rep. Alex Andrade – 850.717.5023
Rep. Stan McClain – 850.717.5023
Rep. Alex Rizo – 850.717.5110
Rep. Randall Maggard – 850.717.5038
Rep. Kaylee Tuck – 850.717.5055
Rep. Tyler Sirois – 850.717.5051
Rep. Bob Rommel – 850.717.5004
Rep. Patt Maney – 850.717.5106
Rep. Sam Killebrew – 850.717.5041

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