Roasted Garlic Margy

Roasted Garlic Margy
Brand: The Botanist
Category: Flower Hybrid

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Parent: (GMO Cookies x Frozen Margy (Chemdog D x [Sour Dubble x Fire OG x Lemon Headband]))
Breeder: Cannarado Genetics

When one of the most potent and strangest-smelling plants in cannabis meets one of the frostiest, the results are sure to impress. The Roasted Garlic Margy is an example of the best of the best being combined, delivering a funky-smelling plant that is truly a powerhouse of potency and flavor. Complex garlic, onion, gassy, herbal funk comes along with a sledgehammer effects package best reserved for nights or a slow day.

GMO Cookies is one of the most polarizing plants in cannabis, smelling pungently of fermented garlic, skunk, and fuel. It displays the signature compact, trichome-coated structure that Cookies is known for and routinely tests at over 30% THC. While it may be an acquired taste, it is very unique and finds a wonderful match in the Frozen Margy. The Margy makes the trichomes even larger and more apparent while also making the flowers bigger. In the case of Roasted Garlic Margy, toning down the flavor of the almost rancid-tasting GMO may be a good thing, with the Margy adding a light citrusy quality. The raw potency of both plants results in a long-lasting, numbing effect that affects head and body evenly.

*Consumers should review the actual product label for exact % of THC/CBD.

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THC 21.2%
CBD 0.066%


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