May 11, 2018

Approved Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers

There are currently 13 Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTC)  with 43 approved retail dispensing locations (dispensaries) distributed all over Florida. Some only serve via statewide delivery while others have store fronts all over the state.
Before going in make sure to have a plan and do your research to get the most out of each dispensaries since they all offer different products, prices and discounts. Take advantage of available discounts and 1st time offers when planning purchases. 
Unless you already know what works for you, don't over buy. You can make as many purchases as required during your 70 day recommendation, up to your milligram limit.
Take your time. When you get to the dispensary notify them that you are first time patient and may need some assistance. Ask questions about the products and available offerings.

Surterra Wellness
Dispensaries in Deltona, Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee, Pensacola, North Port and Jacksonville with more to come.
With the biggest grow house in the East coast they promise never to run out of your favorite products.
Their line is focused on a CBD to THC ratio and not on particular strains but for those of you that like strains they will have some very soon.
Vapes are pretty cheap but other products like their patches can be expensive.
They offer a $50 credit for 1st time buyers, 15% discount for veterans and a $10 delivery fee if no store in your area. 

Owned and operated by Floridians with 15 stores distrubuted all over, they certainly have one of the biggest fan base in Florida.
Their products are on the lower end when it comes to pricing but are not lacking in quality and integrity. 
All patients receive 15% off their 1st buy and $75 off their second order of $150 or more to offset the cost of the ID Card.
$25 for regular delivery and $40 for rush. 
Due to their high patient volume they run out of products sometimes but hopefully that will change soon.
Strains available: 9lb Hammer, Sour Diesel, Girl Scout Cookies, Sunset Sherbet, Chem Dawg, Dogwalker OG, OG Kush, Gorilla Glue #4, Grand Daddy Purple.

They have dispensaries in Miami (Dedeland), South Miami (Dade), Lake Worth, Ft. Myers and St. Petersburg.
 They offer high quality oils, tinctures, vapes, capsules, topicals and dry herb cups. No delivery fee for specific areas.
Strains available in vaporizer products only - Sour Diesel, Master Kush, Predator Pink, Orange Blossom, Haleigh's Hope (CBD).
$50 off 1st time buyers, 20% off Active Military and Veterans, 10%  for seniors and 40% for pediatrics.

 Knox Medical
Dispensaries in Tallahassee, Gainesville, Orlando, Jacksonville, Lake Worth and St. Petersburg with more to come.
Free delivery service for orders of more than $250.
20% veteran's discount(monthly), free vaporizer pen on your 1st buy cartridge purchase and a $10 gift card on birthdays.
Strains available: AC/DC (CBD), Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush, Grand Daddy Purple, Sour Diesel, Sensai Skunk, Remedy (CBD).

Liberty Health Science
Formerly known as Apharia.
Dispensing via free delivery.
10% discount for Veterans/Active military and 1st time buyers.
Very cheap capsules otherwise in the middle when it comes to pricing.
Strains: Chemdawg, First 48, Hazeberry/Hawaiian blend, Blue Dream, Jack Frost, Pineapple Express, Pure CBD.

MUV by AltMed
1-813- 489-5032
Stores in Apollo beach and Sarasota with many more to come.
Very good line of transdermal including 72 hr patches and gels. Great line of vaporizers with top of the line batteries along with tinctures and oils.
Not the cheapest out there but one of the best when it comes to quality and innovation.
Multiple discounts so make sure to check their web page


Dispensaries in Daytona beach, Palm Bay and Deerfield beach with delivery at selected counties so make sure you visit their website for details. 

The have a variety of vape oil cartridges, capsules, concentrates, syringes, tinctures, CBD oils, THC oils and topicals along with accessories including vaporizers. They are also proud to offer Stanley Brothers MMJ Products including Charolette’s Web as well as Tikun Olum Products.


Dispensing via free statewide delivery with several stores coming soon.
$75 off of your first order of $150 or more.